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Cyn-prod: showreel 2017 et projets en voxel

Gabriel de Laubier alias Cyn-Prod, digital designer et artiste 3D basé à Paris, présente sa nouvelle showreel. On y trouvera des projets très variés allant du rendu classique à la VR, en passant par des scènes en voxels.

CynProd 2017 Demoreel

During the past year I've been fortunate enough to work on several fascinating projects within awesome teams, mainly with Vida Systems under the direction of Mike Pan, working on creating content for Google Expeditions VR. We've used Blender for all of our 3D work. I've also used Blender for clients like Hermès, Eaglemoss, Kymco, Première Magazine...

Batman comics TV spot made with Blender

Recently I have been working with l'Atelier d'images to deliver a TV spot and web trailers for a Batman comics collection. All the shots, including titles, were made in Blender, and the cut was made in Davinci Resolve.

Using Voxels for Simple Dioramas

Gabriel de Laubier showed how he works with MagicaVoxel. My name is Gabriel de Laubier, I’m from Paris, France. I studied at Estienne School of graphic design

Mecha Piano by Gabriel de Laubier

Hi, I'm Gabriel de Laubier, or Elbriga on most social media, I'm a digital designer from Paris, working freelance (and looking for more work). Recently I made this mechanical piano using Blender, trying Substance Designer

Tutorial: Creating a 3D Star Wars scene in voxels

Gabriel de Laubier is a young freelance 3D digital designer from Paris, France. One of his strong skills is voxel design and today he shares his trade secrets with us.

Calvin and Hobbes in 3D is even more magical

Turning classic 2D cartoons into 3D renderings can be a tricky act to balance. There's always something a little unsettling and kind of off about the finished model, like say, The Peanuts Movie

BD en 3D : découvrez un strip interactif de "Calvin et Hobbes"

Le designer français Gabriel de Laubier a recomposé en 3D plusieurs strips de Calvin et Hobbes, la bande dessinée mondialement connue de Bill Watterson – mais aussi des planches de Snoopy.

Calvin and Hobbes in 3D

Calvin and Hobbes just entered the third dimension

Art Spotlight: Le Nom de la Rose

In Art Spotlight, we invite Sketchfab artists to talk about one of their designs. Hi! My name is Gabriel de Laubier or Elbriga here on Sketchfab, I’m working as a freelance digital designer

A complete guide to importing from Magica(...)

Hi! My name is Gabriel de Laubier, or Elbriga here on Sketchfab, I currently work as a lead artist with Vida Systems for Google Expeditions, and as a freelance 3d artist and voxel artist.

Un designer adapte Calvin et Hobbes en 3D pour offrir un coup de jeune à la BD

Le designer Gabriel de Laubier a transformé un strip de Calvin et Hobbes en un drôle d'objet en 3D, chaînon manquant entre la BD et la réalité virtuelle. Et s'il était l'heure d'accrocher la bande dessinée au train (un peu fou) de la réalité virtuelle ?

Art Spotlight: Calvin & Hobbes 3D strip

In Art Spotlight, we invite Sketchfab artists to talk about one of their designs. Hi! My name is Gabriel de Laubier or Elbriga here on Sketchfab, I’m working as a freelance digital designer and 3D artist.


Etait-il possible de renouveler le genre de la bande-dessinée, en allant au delà du style et du format ? Apparemment oui et la tentative de Gabriel de Laubier tend à le prouver et avec - cerise sur le gâteau - Calvin et Hobbes.

Calvin And Hobbes has at last breached the 3rd dimension

Bill Watterson’s long-gone, much-missed comic strip Calvin And Hobbes is not coming back. Ever. There is barely any newspaper industry for it to come back to at this point.

Get lost in this interactive 3D Calvin and Hobbes comic strip

The last Calvin and Hobbes strip was published way back in 1995, but the beloved comic still has legions of fans who pore over the book collections to relive the adventures of a young boy and his toy tiger. Digital designer and 3D artist Gabriel de Laubier took

An Interactive 3D Version of a Classic Calvin and Hobbes Comic Strip

Paris, France graphic designer Gabriel de Laubier recently created an interactive 3D version of a classic Calvin and Hobbes comic strip, originally created by Bill Watterson. Gabriel’s 3D Calvin and Hobbes scene is available to view on his website and Sketchfab.

Calvin & Hobbes Comicstrip in 3D

Lovely: „3D rendition of a Calvin & Hobbes comic strip (orginal strip by Bill Watterson). Backface culling and flat-shading are used to give life to the cartoon drawings. You can see it in realtime on Sketchfab“

Voxel Rock Bands

Elbriga created a super cool collection of voxelised famous rock bands! Fun little project I made today, with MagicaVoxel and Inkscape, and rendered in blender cycles: